Twitter Spam – I hate you “Social Media”

Lets get something straight right out of the gate.

I don’t want your direct messages about making money.

Nobody else does either.

Over the past few weeks I have started to track the amount of direct messages I get on Twitter every day. I average between 15 and 20 every day. Out of that number, 99% of them are messages that contain links that either tell me I can “Increase my followers by 110000000” or “Make 6 figures from Twitter” or “Blog my way to Millions”.

Hate is a strong word, but I truly do hate most of them/you/whoever and I’m pretty sure for the most part, even the good Lord backs me up on this in the Bible (Proverbs 6:16-19).


Because God hates a lying tongue (see above) and so do I.

I have spent countless hours researching methods, techniques, systems, ect that are about making a quick buck and jumping into a business model in just a few hours. What I have learned is that they DON’T EXIST!

The definition for these business models has been in place for well over 100 years; you are snake-oil salesman.

Snake Oil

How can you stop your evil ways?

Provide legitimate services to legitimate people.

That’s it.

If I was going to push an E-book on the topic of making money the above line would be the full context. I wouldn’t sell many, but I guarantee you that if those who purchased it headed that single line, they would be healthier, happier and have fuller wallets.

“But I’m making money, why does it matter?”

If you’re selling something, whether it be a product or service, and it does not provide your consumer with a measurable net benefit, you are in a business model that will have a VERY short life-span. Plus, you are slowing the progression of online business by taking legitimacy away from upright organizations.

I know it’s tough, because we’ve all heard stories about how people have made big bucks doing it. Like I said before, I have been know to be caught up in the hype of illegitimate businesses, but those days are hopefully behind me.

If you’ve made it this far, please do me a favor. Make a list of all of the products and/or services that you are promoting and ask yourself if they provide a benefit to the consumer. If they do, run with them, but if you can’t truly tell yourself that they do, pull your campaigns and focus on something that will lift us all in the long-run.

Seriously though, stop with the Twitter Spam.

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