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Over the past 6 months I have had about 12 different Twitter apps for the Iphone and all of them have sucked. A great number of them were proficient at 1 thing,  sending and receiving tweets. That is perfectly fine if all you want to do is send and receive tweets like text messages, but I wanted to try and get more out of the platform. The problem I had was that I have fallen in love with the lists, direct messages, mentions, ect ect that twitter offers and none of the apps I came across could do all of them until I found Twitbird.

Twitbird is way down the list of top grossing or top downloaded apps in the utilities or social networking categories of the app store, but I have yet to understand why. This is literally the end-all twitter application. I now have full use of all of the tools that twitter has to offer: lists, direct messages, mentions, tracking, search, profile, ect ect.

Why do I care? It’s because I have crapped away about 20 hours of time looking for an app that does all of the things that Twitter offers and I am trying to save you the 20 hours of wasted time.

Here is a screen-shot example of the “home” section of the app:

And if you care, here is one of the general Tweet section:

Here are the specs of the app:

● In-App-Badges to show number of unread tweets
● Landscape mode supported everywhere
● Address Book
● Official Lists supports
● Inline picture preview
● Tweet Music/Now Playing
● Tweet Your Voice
● Tweet Video(3Gs only)
● Save link to readitlater, instapaper or save in twitbird
● Dark Theme and other two themes
● Custom background image
● Geotag supports(turned on in required)
● mutual follow status between you and a user
● Advanced nearby tweet searching with map

● Inter TwitBird Push comes with the app, it is instant
● Global Push is available as in app purchase, It will push any mentions and direct messages to you in minutes
● Supports Mentions and Direct Messages

● View your twitter timeline, replies, and direct messages
● Manage your favorite tweets
● Browse your following and followers and lists
● Compose new tweets with rich features
● Reply directly to tweets and send direct messages
● Follow and unfollow people or lists
● Twitlonger supports
● Uses secure connection (https)
● Custom searches
● Save your favorite searches
● landscape keyboard
● Conversational Threaded tweets
● Twitter API Proxy
● Rich feature settings
● Trending topics
● View and edit your profile including head image
● Find people
● Email tweets
● Delete tweets from
● Picture preview inside message
● Shorten URL
● Upload photo to Twitpic, yFrog, MobyPciture
● Set nearby distance
● Unread/All message filter
● Block/Unblock

5 thoughts on “Twitbird Review – Twitter IPhone App”

  1. Love the post. You saved me 20 hours of work! I was using Twitteriffic but I will switch over after posting this. TweetDeck is what I have been using on my computer. Anything out there you would recommend that beats out TweetDeck so you can save me another 20 hours? lol

  2. I’ll be honest, I rarely use anything other than a mobile application, so my knowledge of alts for Tweetdeck are limited. I’ve heard good things about Hootsuite, but i’ve never tried it myself. Good luck.

  3. Can you please help me out I can’t figure out how to set cust background images

  4. go to the first page it should say accounts and on the bottom it should have a settings icon sort of a grind thing on the bottom right on the options go to the ones under theme make sure you are usig movie or something bubble. then return to your home twits and on the icons below tab on the third one from left to right. like a flower thingy and presto make the change

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