The topic of this post was born 3 days ago after I began rebuilding this site. After months and months of neglect, I decided that it was time to bring this site live again for nothing more than an outlet. In trying to do so, I accidentally dumped my database backup and lost the few posts that I had. That said, I decided to go to the one place I knew nothing ever posted could run from, the “wayback machine”.

Ah yes, The Wayback Machine, where even Glen Beck can’t dispute the things he has typed. Looking back at the 10 or 15 posts that I had typed some years ago brought me to the realization of a few things. One, it is amazing to see how far I have personally progressed concerning my views of the web and the business that is conducted within. Two, my gramatical skills have not depleted over time, I sucked then too. Three, made for adsense pages should not exist, but if they do, they should be stand alone pages and not hosted within another site (more to follow later). Finally, although none of the posts went into great detail about my feelings concerning politics and/or religion, you can definately see the influence of both in my posts.

Growing up in the Ozarks brought me some of my personal characteristics that I hold most dear. That said, it also brought me to originally believe many things that were not so.These range in topics from race to religion, but one of the ones that has changed most drastically is my view of the hierarchical structure of world business.  I once thought that to reach the pinacal of success, you needed to become an executive at one of the large highly-publicised companies of the world. Now I realize that is the lottery mentality; “If I can just keep trying, I will make it to the top.” The next scratchers ticket will not bring me fortune and fame. Quite the contrary, I will make my own way. If a world renound brand is what brings me to the top, it will be my own. I pray that this thought never leaves me.

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