Predicting the Markets by Identifying Logitudinal and Gravitational Patterns of Mood?

Today while sitting and pondering my odd mood, I noticed an interesting coincidence in the marketplace. I felt really unmotivated to make any market decision that even hinted at being risky and the market seemed to follow. I know this is my super-nerdom coming out, but my thoughts spun into an idea; Are there documented “global” mood shifts? If so, could I predict market movement by them?

Tonight when I got home from work I came straight to the computer where I started doing a bit of research about “global” or regional mood shifts and patterns. I came across some research that had been done by Sally M. Weinstein, Robin J. Mermelstein, Benjamin L. Hankin, Donald Hedeker, and Brian R. Flay concerning what they refer to as Longitudinal Patters of Mood Affect during adolescence. For those of you in the Midwest today, you can go ahead and forget about the rainy day syndrome, this goes way beyond that. Yes, the rain probably had an affect on my mood today, but there have been many perfectly pleasant days that I have noticed these patterns for no apparent weather-related reason.

There is a solid chance that this thought is some sort of variation on the Truman Show syndrome that seems to follow me, but I am hoping that there might be real science behind it. After doing more research, I found a lot of information about the affects of the moon, tides, seasons, and many others that witchdoctors and crazies preach everywhere have massive affects on mood and behavioral patterns, but none of these have ever been proven through any sort of legitimate testing.

My theory is a combination of the science and the crazy. There have been some studies showing the affects of gravitational waves on peoples equilibrium and I believe that it directly affects our overall mood. The study I first mentioned focused on longitudinal patters of change, which could play directly into the way gravitational waves flow across our earth.

Long-story-short, if there is any research or evidence out there that points to this theorem, please point it out to me. If not, lets work on something. Because predicting the markets based on moods is easy; Predicting moods based on random (and possibly insane) theorems about gravitational affects on the human body, not so easy.

But if I could:

The sky is the limit.

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