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So I have to start by confessing the truth about my feelings for Twitter. I hate(d) Twitter for the longest time. I remember distinctly a conversation between my roommate and I about the type of person that actively participated on Twitter. It consisted of talking about how big of tools they were and mostly promising that we would never fall victim to the curse.

Well, I am a hypocrite. It started with reg’ing my personal name and Johnny Wednesday, which led to a single post so “they wouldn’t close my account” and now it’s something that I look at 7 times a day. I have friends and followers and I am the same person I spoke so poorly of only a few months ago. It’s sad, but I don’t feel like I have lowered myself by using the service, I have actually made some great connections and I have connection to some great real-time information from people that I feel are relevant.

A couple of weeks ago when Twitter started their lists, I jumped right on board. I had created some groups with tweetdeck, but I really felt that the service was lacking a personal organizational structure. I did some experimenting with real estate, co-workers, relevant, friends, ect., but the one that I worked up that I look at and read every day is my entrepreneur list.

The following group is not in any way supposed to represent the complete list of the top CEO’s or business leaders on Twitter. However, this group represents a list of people who truly are leaders on this social platform. Tony Robbins might not be generally associated with fortune 500 companies, (many beg to differ), but, he provides a great deal of legitimate, relevant, and useful information to all of his followers.

To get onto this list, you had to fall into a few categories. 1. you have to be a CEO/President/Founder/Forward Thinker of some sort 2. You have to have/had shown some “success” or brought some improvement/innovation to your industry 3. You have to consistently post new content to your account that consists of more than just spam for your organization.

The easiest way to follow them is to follow my list: JohnnyWednesday

If you want info about each entrepreneur listed below, please follow them, Google them, or whatever it takes, because you should be familiar with each of these individuals.

They are in (“”(!”(NO)””)!”) particular order of any sort. There is no rank or preference to them in any way, except for maybe Richard Branson (he is amazing), so you can save the breath of complaint.

Bob Parsons | Godaddy

Mitch Kapor | Lotus

Craig Newmark \ Craigslist

Arianna Huffington / Huffington Post

Dave McClure | Simply Hired

Mark Cuban | Dallas Mavericks

Jonathan Schwartz’s | Sun Microsystems

Pierre Omidyar | Ebay

Michael Arrington | TechCrunch

Steve Case | AOL

Chris Anderson |

Kevin Rose |

Jeremy Shoemaker \

Tony Robbins /

Tony Hsieh \ Zappos

Pete Cashmore | Mashable

Rand Fishkin | SEOMoz

Guy Kawasaki \ Founder of Alltop


Richard Branson \ Virgin

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  1. WoW! I am an idiot. I’m not sure what was running through my head when I typed Rich Dad Poor Dad. The only positive is that it wouldn’t have taken anyone very long to realize that I was referencing the wrong thing! Guy Kawasaki does not equal Robert Kiyosaki. My germs, thanks for pointing that out.

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