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CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and More – Twitter Accounts Worth Following

So I have to start by confessing the truth about my feelings for Twitter. I hate(d) Twitter for the longest time. I remember distinctly a conversation between my roommate and I about the type of person that actively participated on Twitter Continue reading CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, and More – Twitter Accounts Worth Following

The Best Sales Movies of all Time

It’s finally here!

I know I know, everyone makes a list of some sort, but this list is different. This list is much less for you and much more for me. Think of it as a motivational aggregate for my own person.

Far and wide I have searched for what I felt was a proper list of the best sales movies of all time with no avail. There have been many attempts on forums and blogs and AmazonĀ® lists, but nothing ever came close. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tommy Boy, it’s one of the greatest comedies of all time. Therein lies that problem that I have with those lists; movies like Tommy Boy are comedies and not sales movies. Yes, we can all probably take a sales lesson or two about persistence and about what not to do in a sales meeting, but I was looking for drama, I want scenes that are patterned on sales events that I can relate with. So, I decided to take the step the just do it myself. If you don’t like the list, you can comment, but keep in mind, the list is not for you…….. Continue reading The Best Sales Movies of all Time